Little Ninja Warriors take on the obstacles

America Ninja Warrior is a phenomenon that has captivated audiences and motivated people young and old to try something new. Now those young ones are getting a shot at the obstacles in their own show, called "American Ninja Warrior Junior."

Jason interviewed one of the hosts of the show: Olympian gold- and silver-medalist Laurie Hernandez. Hernandez says that being an athlete is something that she is passionate about, and getting to see the kids go after something that they're really passionate about is something that she can relate to. She enjoys being on the side cheering them on. 

The obstacle courses for the kids are on a smaller scale than the adult version, but they are still really intense. Kids ages 9 through 14 compete against one another, and they go and attack the obstacle as fast and as hard as they can. Hernandez says that it's scary to watch, but she loves seeing them get so excited to run the course. 

Hernandez also has a picture book that she wrote called "She's Got This." It's about a little girl named Zoey who wants to be a gymnast, but she falls and so she wants to quit. You see her family help pick her back up and encourage her to pursue her dreams. 

You can watch "American Ninja Warrior Junior" premiere Saturday at 7 p.m. on Universal Kids Network.