Metro Detroit Dancer Shines on World of Dance

17 year old dancer Lauren Yakima from Northville posted the two highest scores

Northville native Lauren Yakima continues to impress the judges with her dancing skills on NBC's "World of Dance". The 17 year old has gotten the highest score two weeks in row in the junior divison and many are speculating that she is the one to beat. Yakima says that kind of talk adds a lot of pressure to her and she is just hoping she can live up to the expectations and not let anyone down. 

Yakima wanted to compete in "World of Dance", because dance is her passion, especially the kind of dance you see on youtube and music videos. She also loves the adrenaline rush she gets from performing live and hopes to continue doing it for the rest of her life. 

On the last episode, the young dancer competed in the duels round where dancers face off to get to the next round. Judge Derek Hough was amazed by Yakima's routine and said she had the "sickest burn." Her mentality during that performance was just to make it to that next round. 

Judge Jennifer Lopez offered a different critique of Yakima's performance,  telling the dancer to focus on more of the emotion of dance and not so much on the tricks and jumps. Yakima says she is taking that criticism to heart and will offer up a more vulnerable and emotional routine this Sunday for the round called, The Cut, which will scale down the divisions by half. Currently, there are six acts in each division and by the end of Sunday night there will only be three. Yakima says even though she wants to win,  it is hard to see people go because everyone in the competition is so talented. She hopes her fellow competitors can all suceed in their own right. After The Cut round, there will be one more round before the finals where they will crown a winner.  

World of Dance airs Sunday nights at 8:00p.m. on Local 4.