What do you get when you mix science, alcohol and ice cream?

What says summer better than ice cream and strawberry shortcake? Johnny Prep, from Mr. B's Gastropub in Royal Oak, stopped by Live In The D to show an interesting food experiment. Johnny said, "I am mixing the craft cocktail movement with the nitrogen ice cream movement and I'm making craft cocktail ice creams."

Mr.B's Gastropup is creating a Nitro Cafe on the patio, right outside of the store that will serve high-end craft cocktails, Vietnamese street ribs, tenderloin yakitori, and more.

Prep demonstrated how to make the nitrogen ice cream and he said that people can watch him make it at the Nitro Cafe. "People can actually see us make ice creams. We're gonna do like White Russian ice cream, Bailey's and Coffee ice cream, crown apple and cinnamon caramel," said Prep. 

If you're looking for some delicious ice cream infused with a cocktail this summer check out Mr. B's Gastropub in Royal Oak.