My Detroit with Calvin Moore

We are all about Detroit here at Live In the D and we love hearing what others in our community love about our city. We reached out to a Detroit historian and tour guide to get his My Detroit story. Calvin Moore describes himself as a Leo and a voracious reader. To prove that he uses words like voracious. He also invites strangers to his home for dinner. Moore knows the city inside and out. 

Moore is a lover of all things Detroit and food. He feels as though many people don't know about all the great restaurants there are in Detroit and with so many new, fun and unique restaurants in the city he said, "I like to try anything within reason once. I love the fact that we have so many owners right on sight for a lot of the restaurants in downtown and surrounding areas. Some of his favorite restaurants to dine at are Vicentes Cuban Cuisine and Golden Fleece in Greek town. 

The history of Detroit really makes the city home for Moore. "It's an intangible, so it's not really a place but it makes Detroit a place. We have so much rich history." The Guardian Building is an example of Detroit's rich history for Moore. The towering red building and the bricking inside and outside of the building are beautiful.

Moore also enjoys the Detroit Institute of Arts. He can spend an entire day taking in the art in just one section of the expansive museum. 

Moore describes Detroit as a big city with a small town vibe. He says he can walk just about anywhere in town and bump into someone he knows.