New recipes for extra ingredients you may already have in your kitchen

How to make your recipes a little "extra" with the extras in your kitchen

We've probably all been there: You buy more than you need at the grocery store and don't know what to do with the extras. Well, don't throw them away!!! Registered dietitian, Chef Callie Gavorek, joined Tati Amare, thanks to our friends at The United Dairy Industry of Michigan. She had some great ways to cut back on food waste at home. 

Gavorek said one-third of the food produced in the world is thrown away. America is an even bigger offender, tossing out 40% of food, coming out to $2,200 a year thrown out into the garbage. So using extra food and not throwing it out is extremely important.  If you have extra milk, use it in a quiche with old eggs, veggies and cheese. With produce, make a pie or popsicles made with old fruits and milk products.

Also freezing dairy products to be used again at a later date is a good idea. With food waste, comes  packaging that often gets thrown away, but by reusing bags to freeze certain cheese helps decrease waste. Old to-go containers are a great way to preserve food as well. 

For food in the pantry, if you can't use fresh produce or near expiration dairy, it can be donated. Many people think that food banks only accept canned goods, they also will take fresh produce and dairy that you may have left over. 

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