Sweet homegrown treats at Spun Sugar Detroit

Elephant ears, funnel cakes, corn dogs...what's missing? Cotton candy! They are some of the most popular foods at local fairs. Cotton candy conjures up childhood memories of summer days and thanks to the homegrown business, Spun Sugar Detroit, you can now relive your childhood memories or make new ones with your kids. 

Mandy Tamborini is the owner of Spun Sugar Detroit. She makes plenty of kid-friendly flavors of the popular confection, but she also makes adult-friendly flavors. Some of the adult flavors include strawberry champagne, cognac and butter rum. 

Tamborini creates a display for the cotton candy and adds chocolate for decoration. "I work with Guilt Chocolates they are a fancy bonbon company out in Redford and I put them in our cotton candy hair, which is part of the display," she said. 

Spun Sugar Detroit also sells organic cotton candy because many people are allergic to artificial dyes.

To try some of her sweet cotton candy you can find Spun Sugar Detroit online.












































































































































































































can find her online.