Start your perfect garden this summer with English Gardens

Get colorful, fresh flowers to bring beauty to your home

Despite the cold weather, Memorial Day, or the unofficial start of summer, is just around the corner. And during with the long weekend, you can start gardening, without even digging in the cold ground. Our friends at English Gardens and the complany's Vice President Rick Vespa joined Tati Amare to discuss the beautiful ways to add fresh, colorful flowers to your home.

According to Vespa, there are all kinds of plants and flowers that can be planted right now. This holiday weekend is traditionally known for planting annual flowers that bring color all season long. He said plants come in different sizes. Vespa said the closer you plant the flowers, the quicker they will fill in the area. 

Large containers need bigger plants as well.  They also withstand cold snaps that may come before and during the summer months by being moved indoors or into the garage. Hanging plants are also a great addition to your garden. They add instant color and can be replanted into large containers or set into a garden area for quick coverage and bright spots of color. Vespa said when planting new flowers that you are mass planting in the ground, always use fertilizer and Osmocote plant food. If planting in pots, always use fresh soil and make sure the container has drainage. He said to choose plants wisely, considering sun and shade needs. Then watering and fertilizing is key.

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