Things are heating up at the Royal Oak Summer Concert Series

Dave Hamilton Band gave a preview of their performance for Music Monday

This article is sponsored by the Royal Oak Downtown Development Authority.

This week's Music Monday guest was Dave Hamilton Band one of the performers featured this week at the Royal Oak Summer Concert Series. Jason Gittinger, the Chair of the Royal Oak Commission for the Arts also joined Tati Amare and Kim DeGiulio in studio.

"In the summertime Royal Oak likes to get people downtown to have a great time," said Gittinger. "We love to do things for the community so we partner with a number of groups and organizations to bring awesome concert series to the streets."

Gettinger also said that there are two new garages downtown that provide plenty of parking for the event. For the month of July, you can also get a free pedicab ride from a garage to your destination downtown.

Dave Hamilton said what he enjoys most about the concert series is "it's a win-win situation because people enjoy it, we enjoy it and that's all you need." He described the band's style has funk and rock mixed.

You can learn more about the band's music on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information on the Royal Oak Summer Concert series and Live Music Thursdays, you can visit the website