Motown Bistro to cook up tasty dishes during the Auto Show

New restaurant ready to serve up some good food during Auto Show

Thousands of people will attend the Auto Show once it opens to the public this weekend. With so many people coming downtown, some visitors will want to do something special for their guests in the D, that includes having dinner at a top notch restaurant.  Chef Charles Williams, from Motown Bistro near Eastern Market, stopped by to cook up some delicious food for Tati Amare.

Motown Bistro is a new restaurant that serves american fare, such as lobster mac and cheese, filet mignon and whole sea bass, as well as some hot jazz music. Chef Williams made a salmon dish stuffed with crab and a kale saute. The restaurant is adorned with plaques and historic mementos to enhance the Motown theme, and if you stop by, you might see a former Motown singer or two. 

The restaurant is located on Russell Street in Eastern Market, next to Bert's Warehouse.