The Ann Arbor Summer Festival starts this weekend

There's a family fun party kicking off this weekend that lasts over three weeks! It's the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. Concerts, art installations and all kinds of family fun activities will take place.

Meredith Bruckner, the Community News Producer for, and Mike Michelon, the Executive Director of the festival, stopped by to talk about the event. Meredith described the festival as "the party of the summer."

 "It's six nights a week, it's just a huge party. It's on the University of Michigan's campus in a huge park and there's free performances, activities, classes, great stuff for the kiddos. It's just such a fun event," Bruckner said. 

Some of the other cool things at the festival are food trucks, a beer garden with live music all night and a circus company. To find out more information about the festival you can go to or the All About Ann Arbor page: