The Campbells are in the D

Erica Campbell from the gospel group "Mary Mary" is a woman who has proven ambition, and positivity can take one far in life. She has won five Grammy Awards, and has her own national syndicated radio show, which you can hear right here in Detroit. She also has her own TV show "We're the Campbells," she has her own hair line, and is a mother of three and a wife to  Warryn Campbell II, who is a Grammy Award-winning producer and Pastor of California Worship Center. The duo joined us live on the show Friday to talk to us about an event that brings them to Detroit this weekend. 

Erica Campbell will be in attendance at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention taking place this weekend and will be hosting an event Sunday as well. Live in the D's Tati Amare asked both the Campbells what they like most about Detroit, and their response included the people, their friends and family that resides in Detroit and Shinola Brand watches! They also mentioned a few places they like to eat at while in Detroit. The Clique Restaurant and Beans and Cornbread Restaurant​​​​​​​ are a few of their favorites. 

We asked how do they balance there extremely busy lifestyles. They stressed the importance of not getting stressed adding that staying positive and not staying in a place of frustration for long is key. They also mentioned that because they love what they do it is easy to continue to keep pushing and progress in all areas of their lives. 

You can expect to hear new music from the couple very soon. This is new for them as well as they shared the two of them have not created music together as a duet before. 

You can tune into Erica Campbell's morning show every morning Monday through Friday on 102.7 FM, and "We're The Campbell" airs every Tuesday on TV One.