These young health wellness ambassadors are helping families in the community

The summer is a time for fun and realization, but also a time to learn and grow. Through Henry Ford's Generation With Promise program these young health wellness ambassadors worked to solve fitness and nutrition shortcomings in the community and learned to re-create a healthy version of a well known and favorite dish. 

The community educator, Jackee Horstman gave us a brief overview of the program she says the program is all about promoting healthy eating and physical activity in the community and the ambassadors work during the school year and the summer and they are the leaders of today to help make an impact in their communities. One of the ambassadors Abdul Repon, says he enjoys being an ambassador because it gives him the opportunity to be a leader. 

They created one of their own recipes called "ta-blue-leh" and it's called blue because they're on the blue team. The ingredients include bulgur wheat, chicken, carrots, corn, mint, parsley, onion, red wine dressing, olive oil and lemon. Repon says the meal is visually appealing and tastes good. 

They decided to take the traditional tabooli and turned it up a notch because they wanted to take a great dish and add a young health ambassador touch by adding more vegetables and all five food groups.