This bus is empowering young girls and women!

Women and girls love to have parties and play dress-up, but what if the party could come to you? That is exactly what the Purpose Party Bus does, all while building the self-esteem of young girls and women.

The bus was started by Loretta Forbes, a licensed therapist who loves working with young girls and women. 

"I've always liked to host parties with my girlfriends, and I've always liked to help them with their daughters," explained Forbes. "And they would always call me to come and help host. I'm also a licensed therapist and I work with girls. My practice is dedicated to girls and women. So I have a passion for empowering and uplifting girls ... I wanted to kind of fuse the two passions, and that's kind of how Purpose Party Bus came about."

The bus is a remodeled motor home with lots of attention put into every detail. It has a very girlish style with empowering quotes put up all over the walls. 

Girls of any age are welcome to party on the bus, which has different party options for every age group. Young girls get to play dress-up and get pampered with makeup and manicures, while teen girls can get makeup tutorials and more. They also have options for adults.

 "As soon as women and girls get on the bus, I want them to feel empowered and feel celebrated," said Forbes.

Forbes also wants to challenge the images women and girls deal with on a daily basis. 

"When we see so many images in the media, I think a lot of times, girls and women compare ourselves to each other and images that we see ... and I think at Purpose Party, one of our goals is to make sure every girl understands that she's beautiful just the way that they are," said Forbes. "I want them to feel empowered, I want them to feel like they are special ... I want them to feel like they're liberated to release their girl power. After all, this is girl power on wheels, right?" 

For more information search Purposed Party online.


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