This food festival will have you eating from dusk to dawn!

Ramadan Suhoor Festival is happening in Dearborn Heights

It's a late night food festival in Dearborn Heights that is all about filling up before the next day's fast and it's called the Ramadan Suhoor Festival. Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims where they fast from sunrise to sunset, and Suhoor is the meal they have in the middle of the night before they start the next day of fasting.

Festival founder, Hassan Chami, said he started the festival last year as a pop-up and it was really well received with thousands of people attending. This year they went all in and made the festival even bigger. The festival runs from 11:45 pm to 4 am every weekend throughout the month of Ramadan, with May 26, 31 and June 1, and 2 being the days it is still running this year. Featuring 22 food vendors and 6 merchandise vendors it's a giant family-friendly party in the middle of the night. 

Some vendors include La Fork, a poutinerie located at 1041 Howard St. in Dearborn, that serves up a variety of poutines, dessert crepes, and salads. Butter Bear Shop, located at 33825 Five Mile Rd in Livonia, will also be there dishing up their delicious desserts and pastries. Tornado Potato, a new vendor to the Detroit food scene, specializes in spiralized potatoes that are deep-fried and drizzled in scrumptious sauces. Another food truck that's new to Detroit, Beaver Tails, will be there serving up their namesake treat, a flatbread deep-fried pastry topped with fruits, frostings and more.

Now, you do not have to be a Muslim to enjoy this festival.

"One of the goals of the festival is to unite the communities and bridge the gap between the non Muslims and the Muslims, and so we extend our invite to all non Muslims to come out and enjoy great food, learn about Ramadan and Suhoor, and have a good time with us," said Chami. 

The festival takes place at Hype Athletics at 23302 W Warren Avenue in Dearborn Heights.