Watch two actresses find their voices in different ways at movie theaters this weekend

Get inspired or scared when "Teen Spirit" and "La Llorona" are released

Two different movies involving spirits are hitting movie theaters this weekend. Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr, thanks to our friends at MJR Digital Cinemas, to discuss "Teen Spirit" and "La Llorona."

"Teen Spirit" stars Elle Fanning as a shy teenager who discovers she has an amazing singing voice and tries out for a singing competition. She spoke to Russell about discovering her voice while making the movie and how it helped her feel more connected to her character. Fanning said she always wanted to sing in a movie or do a musical, and this was her opportunity to showcase a new talent. Russell said he liked the movie, it showed grit and determination. He gave it three out of five reels.

Next was "La Llorona" starring Linda Cardellini; it is based on a true folklore tale about a spirit who steals children. In this movie, Cardellini fights to protect her family from the spirit, who killed her own children out of spite of her philandering husband. Russell said if you like horror movies and jump scares, you will like this movie. He gave the movie, three out of fives reels as well.

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