You can burn fat, build muscle, and tone your body... all while lying down? Here are the deets!

Tone up your body while lying down at Aesthetika Nova in Bloomfield Hills

This article is sponsored by Aesthetika Nova. 

There is a revolutionary new way to burn fat, build muscle and tone your body, and the best part is that you can do it all while lying down! This method is helping women achieve a slimmer, toned waistline, or build up their backsides. Men are getting in on it too, using it to get those abs that can be so difficult to achieve with exercise. Dr. Ahmet Karaca with our sponsors at Aesthetika Nova in Bloomfield Hills came in to tell us more about this new procedure. 

EmSculpt is a machine that emits electromagnetic waves into the muscle to grow the muscle and to help get rid of some of the fat in the area that is being treated. 

"In a matter of 30 minutes, this will give you the equivalent of about 20,000 crunches," explained Dr. Karaca.

The machine will make your muscle contract, much like it would if it was actually working out, but there should be no pain. At the end it will feel similar to what it feels like after you've done a hard workout. You can wrap the machine around several areas including the stomach and arms. Dr. Karaca mentioned that this machine works well in tandem with other weight loss procedures. 

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