Michigan Lottery: Allegan County man wins $1 million Mega Millions prize

'I'm going to put it to good use and change my life'


LANSING, Mich. – Manuel Perez III said he plans to change his life with the $1 million he won in the Michigan Lottery.

"They way I see it, you can do one of two things after winning the lottery," Perez said. "You can either use it to change your life or buy things. I'm going to put it to good use and change my life."

Perez, of Otsego, was shocked to have found out that the ticket he purchased had matched the five white balls drawn in the Feb. 2 Mega Millions drawing.

"I stopped in the Kroger the morning after the drawing to check my ticket and the clerk told me I had won $1 million," Perez said. "All I could say was 'huh? Are you serious?"

He plans on using the winnings to invest in his business and share with family.

"I scraped together everything I had over the last few years to buy a small business and I  recently made the last  payment and want to expand. Now I can do that without having so much stress," Perez said.