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Hi everyone,

It snowed and that’s all I want to say about today. Ha!

Seriously, I think we’re headed towards a long and snowy winter. This is not inside information from the Local 4casters…this is just me, with a feeling that old man winter is going to cause chaos this year.

Having said that -- my daughter will be old enough to enjoy sledding, and I may even try to get her up on skis. So that will be exciting. Let’s just embrace it, because we really don’t have another option.

In fact, today at 6 p.m., we are revealing info on a winter-related scam. Some crews who may show up at your door offering a deal to remove snow for the season may just be trying to pull a fast one. Be cautious. We will have tips and information from the BBB for you at 6 p.m. today on Local 4.

Help Me Hank.

This week, we spent a significant amount of time focusing on fire safety in the home with my “Help Me Hank Fire Safety Guide”. This after 2 boys in Grosse Pointe and 3 in Lansing lost their lives in house fires. The numbers are stunning. Almost 90 people have lost their lives in house fires this year in Michigan so far. We partnered with Canton, Troy, and Sterling Heights Fire Departments to talk fire safety. We also sat with a group of kids to learn just what they know and don’t know about fire safety.

We learned that all the kids know of a family plan if a fire were to start in their home…but NONE have practiced it. All departments agreed, that’s a crucial mistake. You have to walk your kids through the escape plan and even practice at night with the lights off to create a different environment.

Help Me Hank.

We also took a look at Detroit’s Demolition battle. The mayor is asking council to approve a Demo Bond next week and then this could go to the voters. We’re told some on council have concern about previous investigations. How could this affect the demolition process in Detroit?

The mayor’s office has a goal of making Detroit blight-free in a few years. If this fails to move forward, that plan could be affected. This is an interesting debate we will continue to follow. We will be at the council meeting next week for the vote too.

In the meantime…stay warm. I’m headed to Chicago this weekend to sit outside for the Lions game. Yes, I have lost my mind, but… Go Lions!


Email: helpmehank@wdiv.com


Recall of the Week

This recall is just SAD! Nestle is recalling some cookie dough because it may be contaminated with pieces of rubber.

It covers the easy-to-bake refrigerated cookie dough bars, along with tubes and tubs. There’s a long list, so if you’ve bought some in the last few months, you better just throw it out.

Here’s a list of the products with pictures. And definitely don’t eat any raw dough…not that I do that… 😊

Scam of the Week

This is an odd one that hit across the country, including here in Metro Detroit. A scammer sent out fake gift cards and discount coupons with a greeting card. It congratulated the person on their new baby and was signed “Local Jenny B.” But the people who got them didn’t have a baby and didn’t know who Jenny was!

It’s a scam!

The cards are printed and the gift cards are fake. They take you to a site that has you buy all these baby items and when you get to check out, you’re charged a bunch of extra fees. Who knows if you get the items…and then your financial information is in the hands of scammers.

If you get something in the mail you’re not expecting, just throw it away!

Deal of the Week

Retailers are already coming out with their Black Friday/Cyber Monday ads. The list is long…but here’s a few good deals we’re seeing.

  • Costco is putting Smart TVs on sale now. Some start as low as $350.
  • Walmart also has early deals…including bundles of Xbox games, $60 off.
  • Best Buy is already offering 25% off Air pods as well.

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