So everyone hates Babcock, huh? 👀

“I played with guys in Detroit that hated him ... every year in Detroit the leaders would go in and try to get him fired, but Kenny Holland wouldn’t even entertain that conversation because he knew what he was getting as a coach."

That’s former Red Wings defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo talking about Mike Babcock. He spoke about the coach this week during an interview with TSN. He had a lot to say about his and other players’ feelings toward the coach. Please, read all of his comments here. It’s kind of amazing.

I wonder who those leaders were. Henrik Zetterberg? Nicklas Lidstrom? You’re telling me they couldn’t get Babcock fired?

This whole thing is kind of going off the rails. Mike Babcock’s entire life’s work is getting dragged right through the mud as more and more players are coming forward with their anti-Babs stories.

Does he deserve this? I don’t know, but the evidence is piling up. There are great coaches who have been disliked by players -- Scotty Bowman was one of them -- but there seems to be pure hatred for Babcock.

Meanwhile, one of his former assistants, Bill Peters, is being accused of using the N-word “several times” when he was a coach in the AHL.


Mantha hurt, Zadina’s chance? 🥅

Anyway, back to the Red Wings of now: Anthony Mantha, who leads the team with 12 goals this season, suffered a lower body injury during Sunday’s game against the Carolina Hurricanes. The Red Wings announced Tuesday that the injury will keep him out of the lineup for a couple of weeks.

And that just stinks. Remember, he missed a good chunk of last season with a hand injury. The Red Wings absolutely cannot afford to lose his goal scoring.

Maybe this is Filip Zadina’s real shot at establishing a spot on this team. He was called up ahead of Sunday’s game, and he looked OK. He needs to be playing on the first or second line, and with Mantha out he should be there.

Red Wings deep in basement 🙄

For real, this team is in a bad place. I mean, really, we’re talking about total basement dwellers now. They’ve lost another six straight games, and some of it has been the ugliest hockey you’ve ever seen. Remember when I wrote that Jeff Blashill probably won’t get fired since he’s survived so much to this point? Yeah, I don’t know about that one. It’s hard for any coach, under any circumstance, to survive this.

Let’s put it this way: My sister was in town from California last week. She admits she doesn’t watch as much hockey as she used to, but she went to the game against Ottawa. While she enjoyed her first visit to LCA, her feedback on the Red Wings was: They look like Mini-Mite players, following the puck around and leaving guys wide open.

Yep. That’s about it. There are times this season that the Detroit Red Wings look like little kids learning to play hockey.

Leafs in town 😨

The Maple Leafs are in town tonight. They’ve won two games straight without Babcock behind the bench.

Good luck, Dylan Larkin and friends.

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