WDIV/Detroit News poll: Whitmer keeps double-digit lead on Schuette in Michigan governor's race

Gretchen Whitmer and Bill Schuette (WDIV)

DETROIT - The Michigan governor’s race remains unchanged from early September.

A new WDIV/Detroit News poll shows a double-digit lead remains for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer in the upcoming midterm elections. Whitmer held a 13.7 percent lead over Republican candidate Bill Schuette in early September. Now she holds an 11.6 percent lead over Schuette, according to the latest poll results. 


WDIV/Detroit News poll results.


  • Bill Schuette has 97.3 percent name identification breaking 28.7 percent favorable to 40.7 percent unfavorable. In early September, Schuette’s name identification was 26.2 percent favorable to 41.3 percent unfavorable. In the past month, Schuette has done nothing to improve his favorable/unfavorable standing with voters. Schuette’s name identification has increased from 88.4 percent to 97.3 percent.
    • Independent voters, which are narrowing in number as the election gets closer, continue to view Bill Schuette unfavorably by a margin of 25.5 percent favorable to 39.2 percent unfavorable.

WDIV/Detroit News poll results.


  • Gretchen Whitmer has 97.8 percent name identification breaking 38.3 percent favorable to 27.0 percent unfavorable. In early September, Whitmer’s name identification was 39.3 percent favorable to 19.1 percent unfavorable – Whitmer’s unfavorable has increased by 8 percent. Whitmer’s name identification has increased from 80.9 percent in early September to 97.8 percent.
    • Independent voters view Gretchen Whitmer favorably by a margin of 35.3 percent favorable to 24.5 percent unfavorable.


WDIV/Detroit News poll results.


Here's how the vote breaks down, according to this latest poll:

  • Gretchen Whitmer -- 46.8 percent
  • Bill Schuette -- 35.2 percent
  • Third Party -- 5.4 percent
  • Undecided -- 12.7 percent

In September, Whitmer held a lead of 49.8 percent-36.1 percent, with 10.0 percent undecided and 4.1 percent going to third party candidates.

  • Among DEFINITE voters, Whitmer holds a lead on Schuette of 48.4 percent-34.9 percent -- a 13.5 percent lead among definite voters.   
  • Among men, Whitmer leads 45.2 percent-36.8 percent -- a lead of 8.4 percent. But among women Whitmer continues to lead 48.4 percent-33.7 percent -- a lead of 14.7 percent.   
  • Among voters over the age of 65 years old, Whitmer leads 45.7 percent-36.5 percent -- a lead of 9.2 percent. Schuette has cut into Whitmer’s 17.9 percent lead among senior voters in the early September survey.  

But Whitmer now leads among all age brackets:


Whitmer Schuette


48.0 percent

21.9 percent


50.4 percent 

29.7 percent


49.5 percent 

40.4 percent


43.3 percent 

40.3 percent


45.7 percent  

36.5 percent

  • Whitmer leads among Independent voters by a margin of 8.6 percent. In early September she lead by 13 percent among independents.   
    [NOTE:  The cell size for independent voters is small given that it represents just 17 percent of the survey.]

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Poll methodology: 

The Glengariff Group, Inc. conducted a Michigan statewide survey of November 2018 likely general election voters. The 600 sample, live operator telephone survey was conducted on September 30-October 2, 2018 and has a margin of error of +/-4.0 percent with a 95 percent level of confidence; 65.0 percent of respondents were contacted via landline telephone; 35.0 percent of respondents were contacted via cell phone telephone. This survey was commissioned by WDIV Local 4 and the Detroit News.  

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