POLL: Vote on recreational marijuana use in Michigan is close

Age of voters expected to be difference-maker

DETROIT – November's ballot for legalizing recreational marijuana in Michigan is closer than originally predicted.

A new poll puts the numbers at 47 percent no to 44 percent yes, which puts it within the margin of error.

The group advocating a no-vote on recreational pot is the one promoting the poll numbers. 

"I would be surprised by that," said Joe Sobczak.

Most of the marijuana polling seen until this point suggests it would pass in the mid 50's percentile. Previously, Michigan voters said yes to medical marijuana with the yes vote at 63 percent in 2008. No recreational marijuana poll numbers have come close to that yet.

Political data gurus in Michigan said they see a real difference in attitudes in regards to age. Voters over 65 are more likely to vote no. Voters from 45 to 65 support medical use but are conflicted on recreational. Residents under 45 are likely to vote yes.

"It's going to pass," said Ted Hale. "There's too many people who are for it, whether they're vocal about it or not."