Police, prosecutors urge 'no' vote on recreational marijuana in Michigan

Michigan recreational marijuana goes to vote in November

DETROIT – Michigan voters will get to vote yes or no on recreational marijuana in November.

Six news conferences were held simultaneously throughout the state Wednesday discussing the issue and law enforcement officers and prosecutors pushed for people to vote no.

"It's clear this legislation is targeting our children," said Michael Roehrig, Monroe County chief assistant prosecuting attorney.

"It's been defeated in other states; I guess it'll be defeated here," Roehrig said. "Clearly there's an impact on our children, our roads, our health care system and our workforce."

Roehrig said that in Colorado, "narcotics officers report a 50 percent increase in illegal grow operations."

Monroe County Resident Bobbie Longworth disagrees with Roehrig.

"He doesn't know what he's talking about, he hasn't done his research," Longworth said. "I have MS and it's great, it's absolutely great and recreational (use should be allowed), yes, straight across the board."

"I say give it a try," said Robert Kuzich, in favor of legalizing marijuana.

Voters will decide which side wins the debate in November.


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