Recreational marijuana becomes legal Thursday; is everyone ready?

Illegal to consume marijuana in public

DEARBORN, Mich. – Recreational marijuana becomes legal throughout the state of Michigan at 12 a.m. Thursday.

That means anyone 21 and older will be allowed to cultivate, possess and consume marijuana for recreational purposes. However, just because you have marijuana on you doesn't mean you can light up everywhere.

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At Kelly's Irish Pub in Dearborn they're serving up drinks, but the talk is all about Thursday.

Don Barnhouse is one of many people who voted to make recreational marijuana legal in Michigan.

"You can grow it in your house or have about 2 ounces on you," he said. "I'm ready."

But others are not ready for what comes with the new law.

"It smells like a skunk and it's bad and when people come through that smoked, it's pretty bad and I do not like it whatsoever," another patron of the bar said.

Police want smokers to know that there are clear restrictions.

"If you go out here and feel you have to drive and play puff puff pass, so sad too bad -- you're going to wind up locked up," Inkster police Chief William Riley said.

Riley is reminding those lighting up joints to treat the new freedom like other recreational substances.

"Treat it like alcohol and your chances of running afoul of the law are very slim and treat it like alcohol and have common sense," Riley said.

Like alcohol, smoking and driving under the influence will send you to jail.

"We're not going to have you out there impaired," Riley said. "You can't go sit in the park and open a beer and drink in public and you can't go sit in the park and fire up a joint."

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