Law enforcement officials scramble to prepare for legalized recreational marijuana in Michigan

Recreational marijuana to become legal in 2 days

DETROIT - In two days, recreational marijuana will become legal in Michigan, and that comes with several catches and questions about how law enforcement agencies will handle the change.

Right now, officials said there's a lot they don't know about what to expect.

Authorities are still trying to come up with ways to regulate recreational marijuana use under the new law, and are in scramble mode as the countdown ticks on.

While it will be legal to have, grow and smoke marijuana, there is no legal way to buy it recreationally after Thursday, which means people who want it will have to have friends who are medical marijuana card holders or licensed caregivers or growers.

It will be illegal to sell marijuana for recreational purposes. Most law enforcement officials said first responder administrators have a lackluster acceptance of the change.

Michigan State Police troopers said they're not ready to release their enforcement policies yet. They are still being tweaked two days ahead of the legal lifting of the ban.

Officials said the most important thing to know is that if money changes hands to get marijuana for recreational use, that's breaking the law.

You can watch Paula Tutman's full story in the video posted above.

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