Marijuana products recalled in Ypsilanti

Products sold between Dec. 14 to Jan. 3

Marijuana plant (WDIV)

YPSILANTI, Mich. - The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs issued a health and safety advisory due to the sale of marijuana which failed laboratory testing.

The products were sold between Dec. 14 to Jan. 3 at Indica, LLC.

This recall affects the following products sold from Indica, LLC located at 1090 north Huron River Drive. 

Black Cherry Pie Buds
Failed for chemical residue

Punch Shatter 1g
Failed for residual solvents

Gorilla Dosha Buds
Failed for chemical residue

OG 18 Shatter .5g
Failed for chemical residue

Galactic Meds Polar Bar R.S.O. 1g
Failed for chemical residue

Purple Kush Buds
Failed for total yeast and mold and chemical residue. 

Patients or caregivers who have these affected medical marijuana products in their possession should return them to Indica, LLC for proper disposal. Indica, LLC must notify patients or caregivers who purchased these medical marijuana products of the recall.

All affected medical marijuana has a label affixed to the container that indicates the license number of the marijuana facility that obtained the marijuana product, as well as the production batch number assigned to the marijuana product.