Michigan business claims to offer medical marijuana licenses at a discount

Nature's Answer has multiple locations

By Larry Spruill - Reporter, Kayla Clarke

DETROIT - A local business claims to be offering low prices and a hassle-free experience for those who qualify for a medical marijuana card.

"We help patients that are interested in getting their medical marijuana license," said Alexa Heide with Nature's Answer Clinic.

That help is boldly advertised on the Nature's Answer Instagram page. The page states, "walk-in hassle-free for medical marijuana licensing and you can get two licenses for $100."

To qualify for a medical marijuana card you must have a prequalified condition.

Learn more on the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs website.

Prospective patients are also required to complete an application by LARA. Once you do that you'll meet with a doctor to verify your reasoning for the card.

If approved, the doctor will send the complete application package to the state.

“We have a doctor that comes on scene. We have a few doctors here that work with our staff. They go between our Ann Arbor or Detroit location and meet us at both buildings every day,” Heide said. 

Heide said both locations -- the one in Ann Arbor and their East Jefferson-Detroit location -- stay busy and they said that’s a good thing.

“But anyone is allowed to come in and try to see the doctor. We encourage anyone. We are risk-free ourselves here. We don’t charge any fee, if you can’t get approved, you tried and we understand,” Heide said.