Tests reveal elevated lead levels in Hamtramck drinking water

City officials urge residents to have water tested for lead

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – Hamtramck officials issued an advisory to residents after a new round of tests revealed elevated lead levels in the drinking water.

Residents are being put on high alert after the most recent test.

"I think they should be concerned and they should make sure their tap water is safe inside of their house," Hamtramck City Manager Kathy Angerer said.

Angerer said city officials tested five homes and two showed elevated lead levels.

"Water by the DEQ (Michigan Department of Environmental Quality) standards should not exceed 15 parts per billion, and our water sampling did," Angerer said.

She believes lead service lines are to blame.

"We get our water from the GLWA (Great Lakes Water Authority)," Angerer said. "It's tested there, testing along the transmission lines. But when it gets to the lead service line, that is something that can be an issue for homeowners."

Hamtramick residents, such as Pamela Williams, are concerned.

"I think they should really address this," Williams said. "This is bad to know that we have a concern about the lead now here."

She wants the word to spread.

"That's important because I have a newborn infant in my home and I didn't even know it was a problem," Williams said.

City officials are working to fix the problem and are urging residents to get their water tested for lead.

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