Nursing Unlimited seeks RN/LPN private duty homecare nurse


Job Title

RN/LPN Private Duty Homecare Nurse


Various -- see below

Job Summary

OPEN: ALL SHIFTS -- **$250 Performance Bonus Available After 90 days** 

Nursing Unlimited has provided home care excellence since 1980. Our private duty nurses provide respite care, end-of-life care, infusion services, wound care, and care for ventilator-dependent patients both in and transitioning home from the hospital. You will be required to closely monitor their needs and follow the care plan provided. Not only will you take care of their immediate medical needs, but will provide companionship and counseling so that your client can be both physically and emotionally healthy. It takes a special nurse to follow a calling to private duty care. You need to be compassionate, reliable, caring, and highly skilled. There is no doubt you will find fulfillment in this one-on-one caregiving relationship that includes patient and family. 

  • CASE DETAILS: Trach/vent patient – all shifts available – Warren, MI 
  • CASE DETAILS: Trach/vent patient – all shifts available – Harrison Township, MI 
  • CASE DETAILS: End-of-life patient on tube feeding – Days/Afternoons – Shelby Township, MI 
  • CASE DETAILS: High functioning TBI patient who requires monitoring for seizures - Day shift - Macomb Township, MI 
  • CASE DETAILS: High functioning, closed head injury, very active, middle-aged male who requires RN for personal care, social activities and outing - Farmington Hills, MI

Responsibilities and Duties


  • Knowledge and ability of body mechanics for transferring and lifting of patients 
  • Involvement in the assessment of the patient's needs
  • Evaluation and implementation of care required for the patient
  • Medication administration and recording
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Insert and irrigate Levine tubes
  • Suction endotracheally with or without benefit of an endotracheal tube
  • Knowledge of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Perform patient routine, i.e. baths, oral hygiene, peri care, TPR, B/P, nutrition and diet management, patient exercise, enemas, catheterizations, change dressings, collect specimens, etc.
  • Perform other general tasks as required in providing for the safety, physical and emotional well-being of the patient or patients. 
  • Assist with mobility needs, ROM, nutritional needs and elimination needs
  • May take telephone orders from a physician. Must ensure physician orders are accurately transcribed, implemented and evaluated in a timely manner
  • Reinforce patient teachings
  • Maintain equipment and provide a clean, safe working environment
  • Promptly report noticeable changes in patient's condition to the Nursing Unlimited RN Supervisor
  • Promote effective written and verbal communication
  • Observing, charting and reporting patient's condition
  • Maintain strictest confidentiality of patient/client personal and family information 

Other responsibilities would include: 

  • Use safety and patient care equipment appropriately and reinforce the safe use of equipment to the patient. 
  • Use proper body mechanics when providing patient care/homemaking services. 
  • Use universal precautions in providing services. 
  • Recognize limitations and seek instruction from Nursing Supervisor when needed. 
  • Communicate to RN Supervisor by verbal/written communication regarding patient care issues including pertinent changes in the patient's condition. 
  • Chart/document care given accurately with clarity. 
  • Notify Nursing Unlimited directly of pertinent changes in the patient's condition. 
  • Show patience and understanding, but also use time effectively. 
  • Make a positive difference in each patient's daily living: assist with personal care needs, select housekeeping duties and therapy services. 
  • Plan and prepare nutritious meals, plus provide dining assistance as needed. 

Qualifications and Skills


  • Ability to interact positively with patients, patient's families and staff so as to promote positive patient care. 
  • Ability to speak clearly for patient communication. 
  • Assisting patients with activities of daily living that requires frequent moving, lifting of patients, frequent positioning of patients, giving patients baths, ambulating patients, and homemaking tasks • Ability to operate motor vehicle is necessary. 
  • Trach experience (vent training will be provided) 
  • 1 year experience in hospital or nursing home setting 
  • Current RN/LPN license 
  • Current Driver's License 
  • Proof of current auto insurance

How to apply

Please use the following link to begin the screening process: https://goo.gl/forms/yg9q8pBgifLEH6fY2