Detroit Symphony Orchestra searches for Security Officer


Job Title

Security Officer

Company Name

Detroit Symphony Orchestra


Detroit, MI

Job Type

Part Time

Job Summary

Maintains responsibility for patrols, investigations, public safety and safety inspection tasks related to the operation of the Max M. Fisher Music Center and related facilities. Provides personal safety services to staff employees, musicians, guest artists and conductors, customers and patrons of the DSO. 

Responsibilities and Duties

Specific Responsibilities: 

  • Insures that all exterior exits and service doors for The Max and related facilities are locked/unlocked according to hall operating schedule. Conducts patrols of facilities and grounds to assure the safety of DSO employees, patrons, visitors and physical assets. 
  • Provides security for the loading of equipment at The Max. 
  • Provides, as appropriate, escort services for the personal protection of DSO employees, visitors, customers and patrons between The Max, parking lots and other related facilities. 
  • Transports cash deposits/banks between The Max, Orchestra Place and other locations as specifically directed. Assists in the receipt and distribution of materials being delivered to The Max by outside services. 
  • Maintains service and use records for burglar and fire detection systems for The Max. 
  • As directed, conducts authorized special investigations relative to specific safety and/or security concerns. 
  • Assists in coordinating emergency medical and/or evacuation activities for The Max. 
  • As directed, completes and distributes incident reports involving personal safety and security of DSO employees, customers, patrons and physical assets. 
  • Maintains daily security log. 
  • Maintains keys, locks, radios and other equipment used by security staff. 
  • Performs other duties as assigned. 

Qualifications and Skills

High school graduate or equivalent. Associates degree in criminal justice or public safety preferred. Minimum two years experience in law enforcement, public safety or corporate security preferred, but not required. 

How to apply