Wayne County Government searching for Electricians


Job Title


Company Name 

Wayne County Government


Detroit Metro Area

Job Type

Full Time - Permanent

Job Summary

This position pays a flat rate of $71,406 annually. Included are Health Benefits, Retirement Plan, Paid Time Off. 

The principle duties and responsibilities of the Electrician include assembling, installing, testing and maintaining electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus and fixtures using hand tools and power tools.

The Electrician diagnoses malfunctioning systems, apparatus and components using test equipment and hand tools to determine the cause of a breakdown and correct the problem. The Electrician is responsible for the connection of wires to circuit breakers, transformers and other components.

Upon completion of any electrical work or repairs, the Electrician is also responsible for inspecting electrical systems, equipment and components to identify hazards, defects; the need for adjustment or repair and to ensure compliance with codes. 

Qualifications and Skills

At the time of application, eligible persons must have all of the following: 

  • A high school diploma/GED 
  • A valid Electrician Journeyman Card or a valid Master Electrician License
  • A valid State of Michigan Driver's license with an acceptable safe driving record 

Note: Electrician's must obtain a CDL with a Group "B" designation during their probationary period.

How to apply 

Apply by visiting the following link to complete an online application.