Land surveyor job open for County of Wayne's Register of Deeds

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Engineer that calculates the energy efficiency of a house
Engineer that calculates the energy efficiency of a house

Job title
Engineer 4- Land Surveyor

Company name 
County of Wayne- Register of Deeds


Job type

Job summary
Under the direction of the engineer 5, the engineer 4 (land surveyor) performs essential recording functions in the Office of Register of Deeds. They will review subdivision plats for compliance with local and state ordinances, review condominium master deeds, condominium subdivision plans, and amendments for compliance with state ordinances and recording statutes. In addition, they will review land corner recordation certificates for accuracy and standards, check legal descriptions for accuracy, completeness, and overlap with adjoining parcels, and complete and maintain physical and digital survey records of Wayne County properties.

Responsibilities and duties

The engineer 4 assists the Office of Register of Deeds personnel, Wayne County agencies and the public in locating and interpreting related documents and with defining ownership chain of title on any given parcel of land in Wayne County, which represents parcels of land within Wayne County that are not subdivision lots, layout and draw boundaries of conveyances. They will become familiar and proficient with the various indexes used in the Office of Register of Deeds, Treasurer's and Assessment & Equalization property records systems, and perform additional duties as assigned.

Qualifications and skills

At the time of applications, eligible persons must have: 

  • A bachelor's degree in land surveying, engineering or a related degree 
  • Four years of full-time paid experience in land surveying
  • At least one year of full-time paid experience reviewing, researching, approving and reporting findings related to verifying land descriptions and boundaries
  • Licensed as a professional land surveyor in the state of Michigan. 

How to apply
Visit: https://www.waynecounty.com/departments/phr/job-postings.aspx to complete an online application.