Development Centers seeking full-time early childhood education teacher

Candidates can apply online

Those interested can apply online or mail their resumes. (WDIV)

Job Title

Early head start teacher

Company Name

Development Centers, Inc.



Job Type

Full time

Job Summary

The Early Head Start teacher supports the development of infants and toddlers through everyday interactions using the HighScope Curriculum. Each Early Head Start classroom consists of two co-teachers who work under the direction of the Site Manager. Teachers are provided with training on the HighScope curriculum.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Creating daily activities, interactions, and an environment that reflects the mission and goals of the program and agency
  • Promoting feelings of security and trust in infants and toddlers by establishing strong, caring relationships
  • Writing weekly lesson plans that specify daily schedule and achieve curriculum goals in the education component plan
  • Evaluating the individual accomplishments of children using HighScope and COR
  • Planning and implementing an individual service plan (ISP) for each child
  • Actively engaging parents through classroom participation and everyday interactions
  • Performing a minimum of 2 school conferences and 2 home visits per child per year
  • Developing curriculum activities that reflect the ethnic/multi-cultural makeup of the community
  • Maintaining compliance with day-care licensing and Health and Human Services regulations
  • Exhibiting a desire for personal and professional growth and skill development

Qualifications and Skills

  • Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education/Child Development or Bachelor degree and coursework equivalent to a major relating to early childhood education, with experience teaching preschool-age children
  • 3 college credits or 4.5 CEUs in infant and toddler development and care practices preferred
  • Previous professional experience working with infants and toddlers

How to apply

Please visit our website at www.develctrs.org or send your resume to:

Rachelle Howell, MBA, MSW
Director of Administrative Services
Development Centers, Inc.
17421 Telegraph Road
Detroit, MI 48219