Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh's Twitter war

Rod Meloni discusses Pugh's latest scuffle with news intern on Twitter over weight loss video

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®
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DETROIT - You have to wonder what City Council President Charles Pugh was thinking, if at all.

A 40-year-old man, media savvy, former broadcast professional turned politician ought to know when and how to pick his battles; and yet apparently not! Over the weekend he picked a twitter fight with a college kid, MSU Senior Josh Sidorowicz. Josh commented on this article by Detroit News columnist Laura Berman.

And off they went. No there was no profanity, but in the end the college kid so flustered the City Council President, the supposed adult in the room ended up wanting to threaten the student's internship with Automotive News. In fact he did go to Automotive News' twitter account and complained about Sidorowicz.

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Well, Local Four News has learned Sidorowicz will keep his internship. No the publication wouldn't talk, and no a guy who is so camera friendly wouldn't make himself available for the Local 4 cameras today. All that can be said of this embarrassment [in a long line of City Council Leadership embarrassments of the past decade] is really Charles? A college kid?

You were so put off that you had to try and get his internship pulled? You're kidding seems to fit, and yet, somehow it doesn't. Who will learn the perilous social networking lessons first, the kids or the adults?

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