Cipriano murder trial continues for Mitchell Young

Young faces murder charge in 2012 baseball bat beatings at Cipriano family home

By Paula Tutman - Reporter

PONTIAC, Mich. - Mitchell Young will appear in court again Thursday for a second day of trial.

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On Wednesday, he walked into court Wednesday in shackles.

His attorney handed him a tie.

Young, with his boyish looks, appeared as if he were playing dress up. But he is accused of being the co-killer with his friend Tucker Cipriano, who already has pleaded no contest to felony murder.

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Tucker will spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance of parole for the deadly baseball bat beating of his father, Bob Cipriano, at his Farmington Hills home. Tucker's mother and younger brother also were brutally beaten at the home.

As opening statements in Young's trial began Wednesday, Assistant Prosecutor John Skrzynski painted a picture of a couple of kids getting high, needing to leave town because of probation violations, needing money and deciding to rob the Cipriano home.

The prosecutor described what police found when they arrived at the home.

"Then they see somebody coming from this side running past her, knocked her over, and run up the stairs. That's Mr. Young," said Skrzynski. "There are two enormous, thick smears of blood as though something has been dragged up to the stairs. And when they look to the stairs they can see the body of Rose Cipriano leaning against the rail ... (police) can see Salvatore lying on the landing with his head stuck into a corner. He's gurgling and snoring, and trying to breathe. It's a bloody mess."

It turned into a violent, gruesome murder. Skrzynski talked about Tucker Cipriano taking a bat to his father and then handing the bat to Young.

"Tucker gives him the bat. Tucker's now unarmed and Mr. Young has the bat. And he says that he pleads with Mrs. Cipriano, 'Please, shut up. Don't talk.' And when she doesn't, he strikes her a few times in the head with the bat," said Skrzynski.

Although Tucker Cipriano instigated the murderous attacks, the prosecution says Young was very much a willing participant who finished off the job and showed aid and encouragement to Tucker.

For the defense's part, Young's attorney first said his client wanted to personally thank them for setting aside their business to be there. He also said, through his attorney, that he wanted them to set aside their emotions and take a look at the evidence to decide if Mitchell Young was an active participant or if there was something else going on.

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