10 Gadgets You Won't Believe Actually Exist

NEW YORK - Think about what it must have been like to live 100 years ago. Compared to our high-tech lifestyles today, it must have been like banging rocks together in a cave.

You won't believe some of the gadgets out there now the people are actually buying.

1. Severed Hand iPhone Case Yes, you heard right....a severed hand iPhone case. We're not sure what else to say other than it sells for $64 on strypa-world.com

2. Bike Book Holder Someone, somewhere thought manufacturing a book holder that can be mounted to bicycles was a good idea. It sells for $14.99 on PerformanceBicycle.com

3. Wearable Emergency Toilet If you're someplace where you can't find a restroom you can squat down in a trash bag that has pellets inside that transform liquid waste into a sold, gelatinous goo. Want to learn more? JapanProbe.com

4. Goatee Saver It allows you to keep your goatee perfectly groomed. It sells for $19.99 at GoateeSaver.com5. SLR Lens iPhone Mount It allows you to mount your Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to your iPhone 4/iPhone 3G or 3GS to give your phone ?powerful depth of field and manual focus?. You can buy it for $249 at Photojojo.com

6. USB Burger Hand Warmer And Massager Rub this USB-powered burger on your tired, aching muscles and feel the tension just melt away like so much gooey cheddar on a grill. It also has a heating element that you can use to warm your hands when it's chilly in the office. Would you pay $12 for this here.

8. Solar-Powered Bikini A New York-based designer has invented a solar-powered bikini so wearers can charge their iPod or camera as they lie in the sun. Andrew Schneider, 30, sewed together 40 paper-thin photo-voltaic panels together with soft conductive thread to produce his bikini which comes complete with USB ports sewn into the fabric.Schneider spends about 80 hours on each bikini, hand-stitching super-slim, flexible photovoltaic film strips together using conductive thread.For more: Solarcoterie.com

9. Optical Mouse And Digital Pocket scale How many times have you wished there was a more convenient way to weigh your hand? You can get your hands on one for $22 at usb.brando.com

10. Virtual Kissing Kajimoto Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo has devised a machine that will make it possible to remotely French kiss complete strangers. If you put the device in your mouth and manipulate it with your tongue, the motion will be replicated on your partner's device miles away. The creators suggest that a kiss transmission device like this one could be enhanced to replicate the sense of taste, breathing and the moistness of the tongue. Want to know more? Click here.

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