10 groups aim to help Detroit school where someone attacked, killed animals in urban farm

8 chickens, 5 goats, cat found killed at Catherine Ferguson Academy's urban farm

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

DETROIT - Ten Michigan animal groups are ready to help a school in Detroit after more than a dozen animals from their urban farm were found killed last Friday morning.

Monday was the first day of class for students after the incident that left eight chickens, fives goats and a cat dead at Catherine Ferguson Academy. The school is for teens that are pregnant or teens that already have children.

Police told Local 4 the animals that were killed were bludgeoned to death, and others had their necks slashed.

"The final word is that we will never, ever, ever, let evil overcome good in this school," said Principal Aseneth Andrews.

Monday began with a lot of raw emotion for the students who had a special bond with the animals.

"We've set up a counseling center for all of the girls who need some more intensive kind of processing. So we have psychologists and clinical social workers sitting with girls right now," said Andrews.

Ten Michigan animal groups have now contacted the school with hopes of donating new animals so that the urban farm can continue. Principal Andrews said she plans to accept the offers from those who want to help, and she hopes to have the urban farm up and running for the beginning of next school year.

In the meantime the principal said she is well aware that psychologists say, if a person is willing to kill an animal, they might be willing to hurt a human.

"Always, this place has represented a safe haven for girls and their children and that continues," said Andrews.

The Detroit police and the Michigan Humane Society are both investigating the attacks. Principal Andrews said she is confident that someone will be held accountable in the killings.

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