11-year-old starts college at TCU

Carson Huey-You may just be the next Doogie Howser

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Carson Huey-You may just be the next Doogie Howser.

The 11-year-old started his freshman year at Texas Christian University last week, raising more than a few eyebrows when he sat down in his first class on campus.

"People definitely noticed," Carson told the Arlington Star-Telegram. "There was definitely some whispering in the back of the class."

The Southlake native scored a 1770 on his SAT and is majoring in physics in hopes of becoming a quantum physicist.

He is one of -- if not the -- youngest student admitted to TCU. School officials said Carson couldn't even apply online because the software isn't set to to accept someone born in 2002.

It's a lot of attention and notoriety for someone so young, but Carson seems to take it all in stride.

Like other kids his age, he hangs out with friends, plays video games and enjoys watching "Star Wars" and the TV show "Mythbusters," according to tcu360.com.

And Carson's not the only child prodigy in his family.

His brother, Cannan, 7, is studying at the eighth-grade level and is expected to graduate high school by age 13.

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