11-year-old student says lunch lady kicked him at Lincoln Park school

Police report filed against Lafayette Elementary School lunch worker


Demetrius Peguese, an 11-year-old student at Lafayette Elementary School, showed Local 4 what happened to him Thursday at the school. He says he encountered one mean lunch lady.

"She thought I was talking and she told me to go sit on the wall. She pushed my leg down because I didn't hear her say sit down. She pushed my leg down and I fell and hit my head on the wall," he said.

Demetrius rushed to the principal's office to tell him what had happened.

"He said he would find out what happened," Demetrius said.

Then, his mother was called.

"I don't think they handled the situation properly," said his mother, Danielle Peguese.

Peguese is furious. She says the entire incident was captured on the school's security camera. The principal showed her the video Friday morning.

"She kicked him hard and his body went straight to the ground," the mother said.

Local 4 spoke with the school principal. He wouldn't talk about the video or the incident. He did, however, say the lunch aid was from TESG, a third party company which provides workers for the school. The principal said the woman was no longer an employee.

However, for this mother, that's not enough. She has filed a police report. The case is under investigation.

"It should not happen to anyone's child. Any kids. They go to school to be safe and to be taught," Peguese said.

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