Man Heads To Trial In Teen's Death

Chauncey Owens Facing First-Degree Murder Charge

DETROIT – A man charged with the murder of a 17-year-old Detroit boy was bound over for trial Tuesday in Wayne County Circuit court.

Chauncey Owens, 34, is accused of gunning down Jerean Blake outside a liquor store near Mack Avenue and St. Jean Street on May 14.

Owens was charged with first-degree murder, felon in possession of a firearm and as a habitual offender.

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Blake's slaying sparked a violent chain reaction that ended with the death of Owens' fiancé's niece, Aiyana Jones.

Prosecutors and witnesses testified that Owens was involved in a verbal confrontation with Blake over a stare before promising revenge and returning later with a gun.

"If this testimony is true, this is really a depraved individual to take a 17-year-old's life and help destroy the fabric of the community over a trivial, trivial dispute with some kids," Judge Willie Lipscomb said. "Mr. Owens, you will never have a complete night of sleep, you will never have a good night of sleep. If you did this, you'll be haunted for the rest of your life."

Assistant Police Chief Ralph Godbee said the victim really did not provoke the man on the moped. Godbee said he believes the two were involved in a stare down.


Owens was arrested May 16 during an early-morning raid at the home he shared with his fiancé and several of her family members, including Charles Jones.

During the raid, Aiyana Jones was accidentally killed when an officer's gun discharged, police said.

"My heart bleeds for them, especially for the child. If they knew this was going on, they should have been responsible enough and turned him in," said Blake's great aunt Carol Conner.

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Also, Local 4 has learned that Aiyana Jones' father, Charles Jones, who was also questioned in connection with Blake's death and had been placed at the scene of the crime, according to police, was involved in an altercation in Harper Woods Tuesday evening.

Three teenagers filed police reports against Charles Jones, claiming that he waved a weapon at them and threatened them at Eastland Mall Tuesday.

The teens said Charles Jones approached them because they were wearing T-shirts remembering Blake.

The teens told police that Charles Jones made crude remarks and revealed that he was carrying a weapon.

Both Owens and Charles Jones have extensive criminal pasts.

In 1995, Owens was charged with breaking and entering and faced charges for escaping from prison. In 2005, he was charged with unlawfully driving an automobile.

Jones was charged in 2001 with two counts of unarmed robbery. In 2004, Jones was charged with fleeing and eluding police while driving a stolen vehicle. The charged were later dropped.

Jones never actually spent time in jail, and instead cut a deal with prosecutors and was placed on probation.