Searchers come up empty in dig for Paige Renkoski

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CONWAY TOWNSHIP, Mich. – FBI agents and Livingston County Sheriff's investigators conducted a four-hour dig today for the remains of Paige Renkoski.  They found nothing.

Cold case detectives had thought they could be on the verge of a break in the case. Last week, cadaver dogs signaled the presence of human remains in a remote area north of Fowlerville.  The location has long been of interest to those trying to solve the mystery.

According to Sheriff Bob Bezotte, an anonymous person dropped off a map and letter to his office a few months after Renkoski disappeared in 1990. The writer said he or she had information about the case, though it could be a "red herring." The person left a map detailing a route from the I-96 Fowlerville exit north to Sober Road.

The writer had no idea how far down the road to look, or on what side. Police were told to follow a narrow clearing to a dead end in the woods, and to walk to the right of a large tree.  Investigators were still following those clues today.

The cadaver dogs are trained to signal only for the presence of human remains. Investigators did not say whether animal bones were unearthed at the site.

In spite of today's disappointing results, Bezotte said a "very encouraging" tip came in last Saturday. A woman with ties to the area said her stepfather may be involved,

No details were revealed.

Detectives are still looking for help from the public.