Monday is busiest holiday shipping day


DETROIT – Monday, Dec. 12, is a day FedEx workers mark on their calendars.

For the company, it's the busiest shipping day of the year.

FedEx expects to move about 17 million shipments, almost double its daily average volume, in the one day alone.

Jason Mcewen has been delivering packages for 15 years and he says the surge has everything to do with online shopping.

"It's a couple of weeks before Christmas. Everyone is trying to get everything in, it's crunch time," Mcewen said.

To handle the rush, FedEx has added 20,000 seasonal positions and is offering additional shifts to current team members working at facilities around the country. Including Jason, who doesn't typically work Monday's.

"These people expect us everyday. It's our jobs to get their packages to them on time. We just have to step it up on days like today," he said.  

Typically Jason delivers up to 70 packages a day. On Monday, he was scheduled to deliver close to 125, making at least 15 stops an hour.

FedEx has two more busy shipping days coming up.

If you want your packages by the holiday the deadline for ground shipments is Dec. 16 and the deadline for  express shipments is Dec. 23.