Gun found strapped to traveler's ankle

TSA officers confiscate .38 caliber Ruger Prescott firearm


DETROIT – The TSA says officers confiscated a gun Saturday from a traveler at Detroit Metro Airport when it was found strapped to his ankle as he went through security.

In a release, TSA said advanced imaging technology screening tipped officers off to the .38 caliber Ruger Prescott firearm. The 76-year-old traveler was arrested but later released on bond. His name, or if he would face any charges, was not immediately released.

Properly declared, unloaded and properly packaged firearms may be transported in checked baggage, but they are prohibited from being carried on the aircraft.

Travelers carrying firearms to airport security checkpoints are subject to civil penalties assessed by TSA, which can carry up to a maximum of $11,000. A common fine for this type of weapon is approximately $3000. On average, TSA said its officers detect about four or five firearms a day across the country.