Men arrested in shooting with police questioned for ATM heists

Six people in custody


DETROIT – Six men were arrested at a house on Detroit's east side Tuesday morning following a shooting with police.

The man in custody are being questioned in connection with several violent ATM heists in the city.

Undercover officers tracked the suspected robbery gang to a house in the 5400 block of Elmwood near McDougall and East Grand Blvd.

Police said while they were watching the house, a man came out armed with an AK-47 and opened fire at them.  An officer's driver's side door was hit but no officers were hit.

SWAT team members surrounded the house and used a PA system to demand the suspects exit the home.  Local 4 cameras captured the dramatic surrender with six people leaving the home with their hands up.

A search of the home turned up two assault weapons and ammunition.

The six are being questioned in connection with several robberies dating back to last summer.  The gang drives a stolen car or van through the window of area gas stations and storms the shops to steal the ATM machines.

No one has been hurt in the robberies.

This morning, a clerk at the most recent ATM heist at the BP on Warren near I-75 in Detroit said he's thrilled the group may be under arrest and that since the robbery he watches the door day and night worried the gang with come crashing through again.