Detroit people mover secures funding

The People Mover began operating in 1987. The track runs a three-mile loop around Detroit's downtown. There are 13 stops.

DETROIT – The Detroit Transportation Corporation (DTC) and its patrons have a special reason to give thanks this season – the fiscal year budget will be met, enabling the Detroit People Mover to continue full service.

The $3.4 million shortfall for the current fiscal year is being restored from a DTC escrow account established in 1989 for the People Mover's long term guideway maintenance. 

The DTC has demonstrated that the People Mover's guideway structure is sound and has been maintained in good condition.  DTC will continue to inspect and monitor the beams and columns in accordance with the DPM guideway maintenance program. DTC will be allowed to draw the funds, which eliminates the issues of closure and service reduction. 

Additionally, the DTC Board adopted a budget for the following year, allocating $6.2 million for operating expenses. Constraints previously reduced the City's operating subsidy to the DTC by approximately 50 percent over the last two fiscal years, triggering an additional reduction in State Act 51 operating assistance. The escrow funding will support ongoing operations through the next fiscal year ending in June 2013.  

Alternate, long-term funding sources for the operation of public transit remains a critical component for transit operators in southeast Michigan. The People Mover was originally constructed as part of a planned regional transportation system and for over 24 years has supported the downtown entertainment, tourism, residential and business communities. 

The Detroit People Mover is owned and operated by The Detroit Transportation Corporation.

People Mover fare is $.75; children age five and under ride free.