A letter from a Michigan Gold Star father


DETROIT – Almost seven years ago, our son, Lt. Adam Malson of Rochester Hills was tragically killed near Baghdad, Iraq, by a suicide vested bomber.

After noticing several explosions that rocked a holy Mosque, Adam was responding to a panic call for help by the police, he volunteered to divide his platoon at a security check point and rush to their aid.

As he arrived at the scene of human carnage, he noticed several victims trapped inside a car struggling to escape. He met his death while attempting to free the victims. They lived.

Today's event in Iraq is a bitter sweet emotion for all family members. The last time I spoke to my son he claimed victory. The freedom of Iraq was secured by our U.S. military. They restored the right to hold an honest and open election. They removed an evil dictator from power and the weapons of mass destruction, well, I personally believe that Saddam Hussein was that weapon. The news media may have to rethink the weapons part of the Iraq war history.

I understand that war is hell and my son is never coming back, but I will always support the cost of freedom, as he did, for any country that is being held in check by a dictator.

General Lloyd Austin III (Commanding General in Iraq ) presided at our son's funeral when he was commander of the 10th Mountain Division. He is a remarkable man with honor and integrity. I think he may feel cheated by today's event since many American lives were lost to restore and rebuild Iraq.

The nagging question is and always will be, was it worth the pain?



Ben Malson

Rochester Hills, MI

A Gold Star Father