Lawsuit filed against Howell High School

Woman claims her son's constitutional rights were violated


HOWELL, Mich. – A Howell woman has filed a lawsuit in Federal court against the Howell Public School District and their son's teacher.

This all stems from an incident that happened in October 2010.

Daniel Glowacki, 16, was kicked out of class for not participating in the school's spirit day to support gay and lesbian rights.

Teacher Jay McDowell was wearing a shirt supporting gay teens, but demanded a student remove her Confederate flag belt buckle because it was offensive. Glowacki challenged the teacher on tolerance and was ejected from class.

In the lawsuit, the student's mother, Sandra Glowacki, claimed her son's constitutional rights were violated. Glowacki also said their son's religious beliefs prevent him from accepting homosexuality.

The school district has not commented on the lawsuit.