Michigan lawmakers nearing final votes on plan to allow more charter schools in state

Michigan House prepares for charter school vote


LANSING, Mich. – A proposal designed to lead to more public charter schools in Michigan is facing a key vote in the state Legislature.

State lawmakers are putting the final touches on a bill that would life the cap on the number of charters schools in the state.  The chance could lead to major changes. The proposal would allow the number of charter schools in the state to increase from 150 to 300 in 2012, 500 in 2013, and there would be no limit whatsoever in 2014.

Some democrats are concerned that lifting the cap too soon could be risky considering many charters have yet to show signs of academic success.  However, republican lawmakers say expanding the number of charters would give families more options.

The proposal is expected to reach the governor's desk Thursday.