Wendy's beats out Burger King in fast food rankings

McDonald's remains in the top spot


Burger King's about to be dethroned from its No. 2 slot in the burger chain hierarchy.

In the first shifting of U.S. burger rankings since 1969, Wendy's is about to swipe that coveted spot from Burger King, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Still firmly in first place is McDonald's.

With more Americans chowing down at Wendy's, sales at its U.S. restaurants, both franchised and company-owned, are on track to hit $8.42 billion this year - $53 million higher than Burger King's, according to an analysis conducted for the Wall Street Journal by research firm Technomic.

Wendy's recipe for success: the chain upgraded its menu, offered fancier lettuce and softened the edges of its famous square burgers, while raising its prices.

In the meantime, Americans overall can't get enough burgers. They are expected to spend more than $175 billion at fast-food chains this year, an increase of 3% from last year.