Tire hits pickup truck on I-75 in Detroit

Man was driving southbound when tire from northbound car flew over median


DETROIT – Keith Dickey feels lucky that he will be home for Christmas.

His close call came about 8:30 Wednesday morning as he headed to work on southbound Interstate 75 in Detroit.

"All of a sudden I see a tire flying 30 feet in the air over the median and into the windshield," he said.

A wheel had apparently come off of a Chrysler Sebring traveling northbound on I-75 near Davison Avenue.

Dickey was driving about 65 miles per hour when the wheel hit his car. It crushed the front center of the roof and showered glass inside the GMC Sierra pickup. Fragments left him with minor cuts on his hands.

"You can see if it had gone another foot to the left it would have been a different story. Pretty scary. I just feel lucky," he said.

It is not clear why the wheel came off the other vehicle.

Michigan State Police have not released information on the accident.