Turkia Mullin payout: Who knew what and when?

Defenders probe deeper into Wayne County severance scandal


DETROIT – Residents in Wayne County want to know who is responsible for Turkia Mullin's $200,000 severance payout.

It is a question those involved refuse to answer directly. Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano has said the buck stops with him, but will not say if he personally knew about and authorized the payout.

Since the scandal broke Azzam Elder resigned from his position as Wayne County Deputy CEO. He isn't talking about the case now because of an ongoing FBI investigation. Previously, Elder told Local 4 Ficano knew exactly what happened.

Tim Taylor was fired as Human Relations director as the scandal unfolded. In a new deposition he says Azzam Elder aproved the payout. Taylor, who gets $117,000 every year in a Wayne County pension and was awarded an $80,000 consulting contract by the county after he retired is a Ficano loyalist In his deposition Taylor says, even after being fired by Ficano, he would vote for him and campaign for him.. 

Local 4 Defenders asked Ficano's office if knew about and approved of the $200,000 settlement payout to Turkia Mullin. Here is the official response:

"The severance should have never been paid. Initially it was believed to have been a contractual obligation due to Ms. Mullin. It was later determined not to be the case, and we demanded that the money be returned."
Robert A. Ficano